About Us

Our Vision

A whole sale florist in the city of Lakewood, CA that is committed to delivering floral innovation, nurtures client relationships to provide an enriching and memorable experience, valuing employee loyalty and responsiveness to the needs of the community.

Our Mission

Southern California Flowers aims to carry out excellence in innovation. It is also committed to providing its customers an elevating experience of purchasing quality products and services and at the same time supports employees’ growth and development.

Core Values

Family Oriented

At Southern California Flowers, we operate as a family. We support and care about each other and believe in treating our employees fairly just as everyone gets the same treatment in a family.


Integrity is an integral value in the organization. It is the act of conducting ourselves in an honest and decent way with everyone we interact with.


Southern California Flowers upholds a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. It also encourages its employees to always strive for progress and advancement.


Southern California Flowers is constantly aiming to grow and expand as an organization and at the same time encourages the growth of its employees as individual and professional beings.


We believe that passion is a testimony of our engagement, dedication and love towards work.


Commitment to excellence is the main driver of achieving goals effectively. Southern California Flowers instills the value of excellence in all aspects of the organization and for its clients.